Digital Imaging in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry

Computer digital imaging is nothing new, however it’s use has been limited due to software that is not user friendly.  Simplicity, predictability and accuracy are the key components defining successful computer imaging, technology and it’s use. Software systems in the past have been known to be difficult and time consuming. The end result of those images is left to the ability of the person doing the imaging and the software used. As a result, dentists actually using digital imaging are quite low.

So what is the solution to this dilemma? Pictures! Why do we have pictures? Because, to quote an old adage, ‘pictures are worth a thousand words!’.  Is a patient more apt to accept aesthetic treatment when they can visualise themselves with an end result before they commit to it? The answer is yes. ‘Outside of the credentials of the doctor and staff and the comfort you felt with them, what was the most significant fac­tor in deciding to have your smile makeover done?’ The response was resounding. Their comment was, ‘being able to see myself with a new smile before it was ever done’.

In addition, the digital imaging can be used as a communication tool to the surgeon, with the use of a visual aid.

Evaluating a patients smile to determine dis­crepancies in length to width ratios, buccal corridor deficiencies, gingival height and bal­ance all affect the realism of a computer gen­erated image but also the end clinical result. Computer digital imaging is an intragul part of a successful cosmetic dental practice. It is the most visually important method of communication to our patients in establishing the aesthetic possibilities for them.

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