Oral Hygiene Program

Regular hygiene examinations form the basis of our preventative dental care plan. Even with the perfect oral hygiene routine you can still develop dental problems that you may not be able to spot by yourself in your own bathroom mirror. We use special intra oral magnifying cameras so that we can visualize all angles of your teeth and gums on a large screen and show them to you.

We strongly believe in the motto - "prevention is better than cure" and recommend an examination with our hygienist at least every 6 months and ideally 3 months to ensure any potential problems are spotted early and treated when they need a "little fix," instead of waiting until it hurts and a more drastic and costly solution is required. Our hygienists are highly skilled and will professionally clean your teeth using the latest pastes and polishes to remove any plaque and tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing or flossing alone. Many patients comment on how much smoother their teeth feel after a through clean. In addition to an ultrasonic scale and polish we also offer the latest prophyflex power clean system which fires a jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles at your teeth to polish the surface and remove debris. It cleans your teeth thoroughly removing any superficial stains giving you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching. We are also keen to educate patients on the correct technique of brushing and flossing and give advice on how to maintain a good oral health routine to maintain a fresh and healthy smile.

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