Aesthetic Dentistry’s Leading Star

Dr. Kirtley graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Feeling he wanted to add more education to his newfound knowledge of dentistry, he attended three years of training in Implant Surgery and restoration, Aesthetic Training at the Rosenthal Institute in New York, Palm Beach and Indianapolis; Occlusion with Pete Dawson and much more spanning most of my profes­sional career from the mid 1980s.

He briefly worked as an associate after graduating from dental school and knew then he wanted to have his own practice. The “Aesthetic Revolution” as he calls it, started after he opened his own practice. The artist aspect of aesthetics intrigued and challenged him. It’s a profession that allows creativity with each new patient every day.

Later, Dr. Kirtley went on to educate other dentists with his vast knowledge of dentistry. As he states “there is nothing more gratifying than helping someone else to succeed and to then see them do the same for yet an­other, never allowing the bond to be broken. That is how professions become great and how humanity improves… as long as we are teaching the right things.

How does he maintain a highly successful aesthetic practice? A well trained staff, good management systems, and an excellent marketing plan. Most important is the ability to give the care you say you can and high end continuing education.

Dr. Kirtley is the only dentist worldwide who has the distinction of being Accredited by both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.



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