Sedation Dentistry

Nervous about dentistry? You may need sedation

Being afraid of visiting the dentist is something that most people experience, sometimes it is due to a previous bad experience or it may simply be a fear of the drill or even the unknown. At our office we treat nervous patients all the time and provide a warm and relaxing environment. Dr Kirtley has been praised by his patients not only for transforming their smiles but also for his gentle nature and putting their anxieties at ease. He will explain every thing to you step-by-step, listen to all your needs and concerns and ensure that you are entirely comfortable with any procedure that you are to undergo.

Conscious Sedation

For those that are very anxious or if you are undergoing a longer procedure we offer conscious sedation. This treatments uses a combination of medications that put you into a very relaxed dream like state. Many of our patients have commented that if they had known how comfortable treatment was under sedation they never would have had any worries about dental treatment. This is such a relaxing procedure that some people call it sleep dentistry.

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